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smartHUB is the strategic alliance for machinery & mining engineering, building and IIoT ecosystem, in which data is fused, managed and analysed. It generates in-detail insights on machine performance and condition to help users to create better machines and utilize them more efficiently. By applying expertize from OEMs, leading research institutions and mine operators, smartHUB helps to optimize utilization and to achieve a higher life expectancy of mining machines, as well as to improve efficiency of production processes. The depth of detail and variety of applications provided by smartHUB is unmatched in the ever-changing and rough mining environment.


The smartHUB project strives to create an IIoT solution tailored to the needs of the mining industry. In order to identify the pressing issues of the industry, the project consortium has initiated a survey on the most important KPIs in mining. By targeting the technical, engineering, operational, management, and scientific communities we want to provide a wholistic analysis. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take part in our survey here.

The anonymized results of the survey will be shared with the participants, if requested.

Mining in challenging environments
Mining in the Age of IIoT

Project Overview

Impact and benefits

With smartHUB, the mining industry now has a powerful way of turning data into value. The smartHUB approach enables clients to boost the productivity of their equipment and generate better overall performance. Consider just one example: smartHUB produces comparative health scores for the mines various assets and is able to predict major system failures, thereby enabling the client to optimize equipment allocation and maintenance. In addition, the platform can alert the mines’/OEM troubleshooting teams to imminent failures and identify the root cause of the problem.

Non-financial Value for the Knowledge & Innovation Community

As an initiative of EIT Raw Materials, several non-financial values arise from the development of an open collaborative IIoT ecosystem based on a digital marketplace. This new approach towards data-driven value generation by bundling knowledge in engineering, process knowhow and information technology to establish smartHUB as a global industry standard will be of a significant benefit for mining companies to increase safety, availability, and efficiency. In the future, smartHUB can build the foundation of an independent digital market infrastructure from the KIC for the KIC and their customers globally – following the guiding principle from miners for miners.


smartHUB is a cooperation between engineering and software companies which are closely linked to the mining industry. The cooperation is powered by the diverse technological know-how of the partnering companies. It provides a development environment in which common technology standards are exceeded rapidly by leveraging synergies in collaborative innovation. The smartHUB idea was born from the partnership of the two technology companies, indurad, and talpasolutions. Due to their wide-ranging industry experience in IIoT solutions, both decided to bundle their core competencies and bring their solutions to a higher level by combining products and partnering with different industry leaders within the data value chain.

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